Estate and Furniture Sale

6422 Haystack Road
Alexandria, VA  22310

Saturday and Sunday
June 12-13

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

See Map

Below are a few photos showing the furniture we have for sale.  There are plenty of smaller items including wooden canisters, pictures, AIWA Tape Player, tools, trading cards, and just what everyone needs.....packing peanuts.  :-)

Mahogany Low Boy
Furniture102_small.JPG (6962 bytes)
Mahogany Desk
Furniture101_small.JPG (6364 bytes)
Cherry Sofa Table, Pennsylvania House
Furniture103_small.JPG (5935 bytes)
Cherry Coffee Table, Pennsylvania House
Furniture104.JPG (238300 bytes)
Cherry End Table, Pennsylvania House
Furniture105.JPG (263052 bytes)
Cherry End Table with Drawer, Pennsylvania House
Furniture106.JPG (1572532 bytes)
Mahogany Block Front Dresser
Furniture107.JPG (236072 bytes)
Mahogany Block Front Night Stand
Furniture108.JPG (234344 bytes)
Cherry Dinning Table with three leaves
Furniture109.JPG (302040 bytes)
Cherry Dining Chairs, Colonial Furniture Co.
Furniture110.JPG (1128548 bytes)
Teak Dining Table with Chairs
Furniture111.JPG (292896 bytes)
Six Teak Dining Chairs
Furniture112.JPG (268532 bytes)
Teak Television Stand
Furniture113.JPG (268076 bytes)
Sofa, Pennsylvania House
Furniture114.JPG (272248 bytes)
Love Seat, Pennsylvania House
Furniture115.JPG (208840 bytes)
Wing Chair, Pennsylvania House

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