Brass Miniature Lamp
"All Night"

A nice brass miniature lamp known as the "All Night".  It is almost identical to lamps manufactured by the H.G. Miller & Company.  This lamp (and several other metal lamps) is described in Miniature Lamps by Frank & Ruth Smith, and "Oil Lamps - The Kerosene Era in North America" by Catherine Thuro.

The top of the brass font is embossed:

"All Night"
Made in the United States of America

The condition of the lamp is fair.  The burner is missing three prongs that hold the chimney and the threads that hold the burner have been repaired and do not hold the burner securely.  The wick riser is embossed with a company name but it is so worn I cannot make it out.  The wall hanger appears to be hand made and not original.

The overall size to the top of the burner is approximately 4.0" h.

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