Christmas Light - Free Mold Blown
Pale Amethyst

This Christmas Light is free blown mold with an embossed diamond pattern,It is in good condition except for minor roughness along the top edge. The color is difficult to describe. The best I can do is a kinda smoky-grey pale amethyst.

Following is additional information related to Christmas Lights from "Tis the Season for Victorian Illumination Lamps", by Rick and Berny Baldwin,  The Ohio Swirl, December 2001.

"Commonly referred to as "Victorian Christmas lights" in the U.S. because of their celebratory and festive usage, Victorian illumination lamps represent a class of vintage glass collectibles that possess historical provenance, a diversity of form and color and a relative ease of acquisition. During the Christmas holiday season, lamps in the more common patterns can be found at most antique malls, as well as at Internet auction sites. Popularized in Victorian England in the 1800's along with many Yuletide traditions, such as the "Christmas tree" custom being introduced to Windsor Castle, these lamps are characterized as single piece glass "tumblers" in which a candle or an oil-fueled wick was burned. Typically, these lamps, which were produced in every color of the rainbow, had patterns in the glass that aided in refracting and reflecting the light produced. A thin copper wire was commonly used to suspend a lamp from a tree, a section of a residence or building, a frame that outlined a symbol or design or from whatever support was desired.

It is approximately 3 1/2" tall. 

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