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When Gary Goodson Sr., a “Bonnie Blue Society” recognized civil war historian, published author of "Slaghts/Fairville/Shawnee, Colorado" Historical Sketches 1859-2005 books I-II-III & IV, and long time Shawnee resident historian heard that Shawnee was now eligible as a historic district.  He decided to “knock on doors and make phone calls” to Shawnee neighbors to raise the needed funds for a historically informative  “Shawnee Historical Marker.”  Goodson's efforts eventually  raised some $2,400 in donations and thus procured enough funds to have a beautiful all silver aluminum with black 1” letters, a 47- by 41-inch sign manufactured text on both sides.  A line at the bottom says, "Contributed by the citizens of Shawnee – 2009.”  As the needed funds were near completion Goodson began asking for history oriented neighbors to form a Shawnee Historical Marker Committee and two fine volunteers Brian Heber and Vince Tolpo stepped up to assist. The history of the small town of Shawnee is printed on both sides and is located some five miles west of Bailey along U.S. 285 in Park County.  Donated by the Citizens of Shawnee - 2008 

Contributors to the Shawnee Historical Marker:

Jo Ann Richmond
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Karen & Michael Davidson
Shawnee, Colorado

Patty & Gary Goodson Sr.
Shawnee, Colorado

Paige Goodson
Denver, Colorado

Louis B. Joline
Lake Tapawing, Missouri

Freda K Mason
Shawnee, Colorado

Susan & Wayne Lambert
Shawnee, Colorado

Susan Hickel-Carpenter
Shawnee, Colorado

Karen May
North Fork Ranch
Shawnee, Colorado

Barbara J. Behl
Deer Creek Realty
Shawnee, Colorado

Mia & Brian Heber
Shawnee, Colorado

J.P. Frazier
Shawnee, Colorado

Bonnie & Cal Templeton
Shawnee, Colorado

Gayle Kingery
Baily Propane Compan
Baily, Colorado

Rita Dye
Shawnee, Colorado

Greg Lethbridge
Shawnee, Colorado

Connie & Clayton Stolts
Clayton Stoltz Carpentry
Shawnee, Colorado

Author Hudak
Shawnee, Colorado

Bill Moore
Moore Lumber
Baily, Colorado

Dr. Douglas Wilson
Conifer Denta
Conifer, Colorado

Carolyn & Vince Tolpo
Shawnee, Colorado

Shawnee, Colordo

A unveiling and dedication followed by a potluck will be held on Dec. 20 at 1:00 P.M. at the Shawnee Store in the middle of town next door to the Shawnee Post Office. The unveiling of the sign will be done by Ron Graham, the 75-year-old grandson of W. H. "Harry" Price of the historic Shawnee founding Price family. Goodson said the new all aluminum history sign is similar to those used at virtually all Civil War battlefield sites and is used extensively for most historical sites throughout in the East; more importantly requires virtually no maintenance.

This sign is a beautiful aluminum marker. It will still be here 100 years after I'm gone," Goodson said.  The text on the Shawnee Historic Marker dedicated Dec. 20 - researched by Gary Goodson and Vince Tolpo, research and written text by Brian Heber

In 1886, James W. Price homesteaded here and in 1889 built the Grandview Hotel. In 1900 he and the Colo. & Southern Railway developed Shawnee and built Shawnee Lodge which burned in 1929. In 1900 Price built the Shawnee Mercantile Co. Store and moved the Slaght's Post Office to Shawnee. W.H."Harry" Price, J.W. Price's son, became Shawnee Postmaster in 1900, serving until 1940. Shawnee became a popular summer resort as the slow meandering river was great for fishing. The local economy was tourism, ranching, farming, logging and winter jobs at the Maddox Ice Co. which vanished with the railroad in 1937. The Shawnee Water Consumers' Association was formed in 1929 by C.O. Cook, W.W. Garwood and Roger D. Knight. The Shawnee Cemetery is 350 feet to the east. Since 1895 settler families of Tyler, Bonnifield, and Price have been interred. Civil War Union veteran, Private Wm. A. Bonnifield rests there. Prior valley history includes: Ute hunting ground, a route to South Park's 1859-60s gold rush and route of the 1878 Denver, South Park and Pacific narrow-gauge R.R. Homesteaders Azel & Alice Slaght, arrived in 1859-61. Long known as "Slaght's Valley," Slaght's Ranch, located ½ mile to the SE, was also called: Granite Vale Post Office, 1861-70; Slaght's Stagestop, 1862-78; Fairville Post Office and Townsite, 1878-82; Slaghts P.O., 1882-1900.  

Members of the Shawnee Historical Committee

(left to right) Shawnee founders Great Grandson, Ron Graham did the unveiling,
Gary Goodson - Chair, Vince Tolpo and Brian Heber

Clayton Stoltz  Shawnee resident and Chairman of Gary Goodson Shawnee Historical Marker Committee.

Brian Heber, Shawnee Historical Marker Committee & Shawnee Historical Marker text writer and Shawnee resident Clayton Stoltz

Sons of Rest

Mr. Gary Goodson,

Great to talk to you the other day.  I needed to call you and let you know how wonderful your new Shawnee History Book IV "Slaghts/Fairville/Shawnee, Colorado" is to read! 

The Prices were not very good at keeping our family history in written form. We are again greatful that you took the time and energy to gather and write so much information.  

We are sending you a photo of the photo (shown on pg. 68) listed as Sons of Liberty bench. My grandfather Harry Price had a great sense of humor. The bench was the "Sons of Rest" bench because they would sit and rest.  Another point, Sawmill Creek (with sawmill) was below Split Rock, as a point of reference, where my great-Uncle Jim (my father John Price named me for) used to get his lumber to build houses.

Best regards,
James Price


Slaughts/Fairville Shawnee, Colorado
by Gary Goodson, Sr.
($20.00 for
members of the Park County Historical Society
or Shawnee Historical Society)

A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Shawnee Historical Society

Gary Goodson Sr. - National Awarded Civil War Historian
P.O. Box 128, Shawnee, CO - 80475
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