Mayer Home

This building, standing on its original site, was the home of Colonel Frank Mayer, the last of the great Indian fighters and buffalo hunters. Col. Mayer died in Fairplay on February 2, 1954, at the age of 104. For many years the home was privately owned by Lucy Tarbell of Denver, and the general public was not allowed inside. It was purchased from her heirs in 1985. Lucy Roth’s husband Charles, was a long-time friend of the colonel’s. They co-authored a book “The Buffalo Harvest,” in which the life of Col. Frank Mayer is told. An article in the Park County Republican & Fairplay Flume of June 10, 1976 described the book in these terms: “The buffalo harvest was between 1871 and 1878 with as many as six million buffalo killed for their hides. Slaughter also brought the tragic control over the lives of Indians. The buffalo story is told with realism, humor and respect.” The colonel’s home is furnished with period furniture representing his life style.