Old Lodge Hall


A narrowly enclosed staircase on the side of Simpkins' Store leads to a small, rustic Masonic lodge room. The room was completely replicated by the Grand Lodge of Colorado as it appeared in the late 1800's. On June 6, 1959, the lodge room was dedicated as a memorial to Lawrence N. Greenleaf. Lawrence, a Past Grand Master of Colorado, was also a poet whose 1898 poem "The Lodge Room Over Simpkins' Store" gave this hall it's name. The beginning of this poem can be read below.

"The plainest lodge room in the land was over Simpkins' Store.

Where Friendship lodge had met each month for fifty years or more.

When o'er the earth the moon full-orbed had cast her brightest beams,

The brethren came from miles around on horseback and in teams,

And O! what hearty grasp of hand, what welcome met them there..."