Help Restore the Summer Brewery

The South Park Brewery (originally the Summer’s Brewery) is the town’s largest and most impressive structure and houses the “Bayou Salado” exhibit. It is a three story building, constructed of native red sandstone. The rock was quarried from the vicinity of Red Hill Pass. One enters the brewery through a rustic doorway, then down a flight of narrow wooden steps to the basement of the ice room. Here, a short slide show, accompanied by narration and music, portrays the history of South Park and its residents. The script is derived partly from diaries, biographies and newspaper quotations. it offers a very interesting and dramatic presentation.

The original Summer Brewery in South Park City, later Fairplay, was a log structure built by Leonhard Summer who came from a family of beer brewers. When the log brewery burned down in the 1870s Leonhard built the sandstone structure that we have now from rock that was quarried nearby. South Park Lager Beer was a very popular item and Leonhard built the Summer Saloon as a retail outlet for his beer, which he also distributed in the area.

The whole country fell on hard times during those years and Leonhard went broke several times. The first few times he recovered and resumed business, but in the early 1900s he became despondent and took his own life.

After that the brewery was used to house the town's newspaper printing house and then sat empty for a number of years. In 1957 a number of history conscious people, led by Leonard Snyder, decided that the brewery would make a good focal point for a museum that tells what the 1880s mining era was like.

Over the years the building has deteriorated and a Historic Structure Assessment points out that repairs are needed for the building foundation, exterior stone work, roof, windows, doors, interior displays and a completely new electrical system. The total cost is estimated to be $197,000. Grants have been applied for, but most of them require a 25% or more match in funds. The Board of Directors has established a Brewery Fund for that purpose.

The museum would greatly appreciate your tax deductable donation for this very worthy project.

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Bricks - N - Bottles

We would like to recognize our donors with an engraved brick or your very own beer bottle in the Summer Brewery.  The new entrance and exit addition to the building will display the bottles in an enclosed wall shelf, with the donor bricks displayed on the floor.

Following are  several levels of donation to reserve your place in our donor rooms.

(Actual bottles may vary)

Small amber beer bottle with name on a label $50
Large amber beer bottle with name on label $250
Large colored beer bottle with name on label $500

Summer Brewery Donation

(Actual color may vary)

4 x 8 inch paver with up to three lines of custom text (20 lower case characters each) $250
8 x 8 inch paver with up to eight lines of custom text (20 lower case characters each) $500

Summer Brewery Donation

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