March 4, 2011

South Park City Museum installs trio for operations

Living History Day expanded to two days:  Aug. 13-14

By Bernie Nagy

August. This year the event at the museum will be held Aug. 13-14.

At South Park Cityís Living History Day on Aug. 8, 2009, Chuck Monsen of Alma, dressed in an 1 800s fur trapper costume, tells children how trappers sold the furs for a good price in the large cities in the East. With Monsen are Scott, Ryan and Eric Peters from Glenwood, Ill. (Photo by Bernie Nagy/The Flume)

The board of trustees of South Park City, the restored historical town within the town limits of Fairplay, voted on Feb. 25 to try a new method of management, with three people taking an equal part in assuming the duties of the old director and reporting directly to the president of the board of trustees, Harley Hamilton.

"This is a change Iíve not seen in 40 years," said Hamilton. For that amount of time, South Park City has had a director as the main person in charge, but the board felt it was time to try something else.

"Maybe in the last couple of years we didnít have the results we wanted from having just one-part-time director," said Hamilton, whose role as president of the board is a volunteer position.

The last director was Linda Bjorklund, who resigned in late October of last year over differences with the board of trustees. (See the Nov. 26, 2010, Flume).

Now, instead of having one director in charge of the total operations at South Park City, there will be three department heads who "share and coordinate as a team the duties of operating South Park City," Hamilton said.

Cindy Huelsman, who has been an employee at South Park City for two to three years and moved to Park County four years ago, will serve as administrator; Nancy Kreiling, who has worked

there for four to five years, will serve as finance officer; and Carol Davis, who has worked there, sometimes as curator and sometimes as director, for 36 years, will serve as curator, he said.

Each is assigned so many hours per year. In the winter months, when South Park City is closed between mid-October and mid-May, they will each work about a couple of hours a day, one or two days a week, said Hamilton. In the summer months, when South Park City is open, then each might put in three to four full days per week.

At the meeting, which was the boardís first monthly meeting in 2011, the board also voted to expand the already popular Living History Day from one day to two days in

In addition, Volunteer Day, in which volunteers come to South Park City to help clean up, pound nails, and do other needed chores, has been scheduled for June 18.

And there will be a fund- raiser the second weekend in September, with an auction of antiques and relics.

South Park City will open its doors again for visitors for the upcoming season on Saturday, May 14, and operate daily until Sunday, October 16. For further information, call 719-836-2387.

Note: Bernie Nagy is on the board of directors of the South Park City Museum.

ó Tom Locke contributed to this article.