July 1, 2011

South Park City carnival a success
248 attendees, 24 ˝ volunteers enjoy summer in the ‘city’

By Laura Van Dusen

Two girls enjoy nearing the finish line in a sack race at the South Park City carnival on June 25. (Photo by Tom Locke/The Flume)

The carnival at South Park City on June 25 was a huge success, according to Administrator Cindy Huelsman.

All the games were busy, but she said the most popular seemed to be the Plinko game, which happened to be the game she was manning.

In Plinko, an object is dropped on a sloped board, bounces off nails and lands on a prize.

There were 172 adults and 76 children counted at the gate at South Park City, which is a restored historic mining town in Fairplay.

A silent auction, with donation from many area businesses, netted more funds for the Bricks—N—Bottles campaign, which will be used to help renovate the Summer Brewery building.

Twenty-three volunteers and staff helped run the booths and sell hot dogs, lemonade, cotton candy and baked goods.
One volunteer walked around with a fake monkey (the half volunteer) on his shoulder and an organ grinder, collecting tips. All the tips were donated to the Bricks — N — Bottles campaign.

The total amount raised has not been calculated, said Huelsman.

Both Huelsman and board member Jim Sapp voiced plans to make the South Park City carnival an annual event.


Following are a few additional photos from the South Park City
Town Carnival