Twila Noble                      Connie Beaty

Honor Roll of Rose Hill Originals
from the 1950s who still are represented in Rose Hill


Connie and Frank Beatty


Twila and Essie Noble, Well and Ann Machmer, Jean and William Stemple, Jean and Robert Thomson, Helen Wagness, Alice and Edward Holloman, George and Doris Krapf, Pearl and Wesley Butler, Tom and Wanda Violette


Bev and Tom Eppolito, Ray and Harris Bobby Stone, Kae and John Furneisen, David and Gladys Tutterow


Macy Watts, Mary and Ken Mann, Beatrice Mulvey


Mike and Bea Evans, Dorothy and Joseph Turner, John and Jane Madaris, Tony and Millie Lane, Ed and Penny Molner


Helen and Robert Flahive, Jane Letsche, Jack and Dot Moore, Raymond and Evelyn Market, Russell, Phyllis and Jack Blush

(Update November 9, 2006)

The RHCA is looking to add to the list of original residents who have lived in the community for 50 years. So far, the leader is Connie Beatty, who has lived on Rose Hill Drive for 51 years and counting. Connie's friend, Twila Noble, who passed away August 4, 2005, lived at the corner of Rose Hill Drive and Apple Tree Drive for 50 years. On October 27, 2005, Well and Ann Machmer celebrated 50 years in their home on Willowood Lane that backs up to the power lines. Well was the post master at Fort Belvoir. Kae Furneisen and her late husband, John, moved into the first house built on Treetop Lane almost 49 years ago with their two-year-old son and two-week-old daughter. He was a Metropolitan policeman and later a Fairfax County zoning inspector.

Cottonwood Drive, near its intersection with Apple Tree Drive, was a dirt road when Jean and William Stemple moved there in early 1955. Soon thereafter, the Thomsons (Jean and Robert) moved in a few doors away. They knew the Stemples were the only other residents because it was the only house with the lights on. And, just across the street on Apple Tree, Helen Wagness arrived in November of 1955. The Stemples, Jean Thomson, and Helen Wagness are still there.

Alice and Edward Holloman moved from a rental house in Huntington to their dream home at 4515 Sturbridge Place on January 1, 1955. They are still there, enjoying living in our great community. Read their story in the March Rambler. George and Doris Krapf moved into 6322 Rose Hill Drive on January 15, 1955. They came from D.C. and George worked for the U.S. Department of Labor. George still lives in the same house. Pearl Butler moved to Cottonwood Drive near Rose Hill Drive in March of 1955. Tom and Wanda Violette bought a house on Tree Top lane the same year and later moved around the corner to May Boulevard. Beatrice Mulvey took up residence on Bluegrass Drive on march 24, 1975. Macy Watts moved to Leewood Drive in April of 1957. Russell and Maxine Jones moved into was 2501 Willowood rive on July 25, 1959. The address is now 67400 Lane (at the corner of Bee Street) and Maxine still lives there.

Tom & Bev Eppolito moved into 6217 Driftwood Drive in June of 1956. Tom worked at Defense Mapping and Bev at Fort Belvoir. They raised four children and Bev still lives in the same house. Ray Stone and her husband, Harris, moved here from Arizona in October 1956, settling in at 4528 Roundhill Road. Harris kept track of all the U.S. Navy ships. Ray still lives on Roundhill Road.

A couple of years later, Mike and Bea Evans moved to Willowood Lane near Telegraph Road. They didn’t have far to go, having moved from Virginia Hills. Later that year, Helen and Robert Flahive moved to Cottonwood Drive west of Rose Hill Drive. They arrived before the house was finished so their kids could start school in the fall. Not long thereafter, Jane Letsche move a few doors away from Helen, and Jack and Dot Moore took up residence at the corner of Cottonwood and Winston Place. Jack was one of the early Boy Scout leaders in Rose Hill. The Evans, Helen Flahive, Jane Letsche, and the Moores are still there.  Raymond and Evelyn Market moved to 4608 Mayor Place in October of 1959 into
what was a model home.

The plan is to honor these long-time residents by inscribing their names on a monument to be placed at the base of the historic sign facing Rose Hill Drive at the John Marshall Library. If you have lived here 50 years, or know someone who has, please contact Carl Sell at 703-971-4716 or by e-mail at

We also want to honor original residents who still reside in the same house since it was built. Since Rose Hill was built out over a period of years and there are numerous sections, we're not looking for any arbitrary longevity, just 'originals'. Don't you or your neighbors be left out in this important honor. Old-timers are Rose Hill's 'Greatest Generation' and we want to recognize each and every one of them. Their names also will be on the monument.

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