In Memoriam

Jeff Todd

Remembering Jeff Todd

Jeff and Becky Todd began their family in Rose Hill after being married in 1990. They moved on to Mount Vernon, but kept in touch with friends and supported RHCA. Jeff had taken over the operation of Todd Restaurants, three Roy Rogers locations in the area from his father in 2006 when Jim retired to Williamsburg. In addition to good food, everyone living in the Franconia. Kingstowne, Belle View and Mount Vernon areas benefitted as the local Roy Rogers stores were major contributor to civic and school endeavors. 

Jeff was killed in an auto accident in late July, 2011. The accident occurred as Jeff and his family was on their way to a family vacation home in Outer Banks of North Carolina. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident, but he was not wearing a seat belt.

Jeff, 49, was well known for his civic involvement through the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce, United Community Ministries, support for local schools and at risk students, the Mount Vernon High School football team and a host of charitable organizations. Jeff continued the popular school nights at each restaurant that resulted in major fund-raising activities for area, PTA, and school booster organizations. They were started by his dad, Jim Todd, as a way to give back to the community that had supported his family restaurants.

Locally, the Roy Rogers location in Manchester Lakes could always be counted on to help RHCA when support was needed and funds were scarce. Every time there was either chicken or hamburgers on the menu at an RHCA event, they usually are donated by Roy Rogers. The Franconia Museum benefitted each year as Roy Rogers donated burgers, rolls and ice for the concessions at the Museum’s annual History Day. The burgers were sold as a way to produce revenue to offset the cost of the program.

Ironically, Jeff died just short of a year after the passing of his dad after a brief illness. In addition to Becky, Jeff is survived by daughters Kimberly and Hannah. Both girls were born while the Todds lived in Rose Hill. Kimberly attended Rose Hill Elementary from kindergarten through the fourth grade. She now is a student at Mount Vernon High School. Hannah started school at Washington Mill in Mount Vernon.

Jeff also is survived by his brother James, a sister Judi and step mother, Bernice.  Jim and Jeff followed their dad’s footsteps in the restaurant business. The elder Todd went on his own with the Roy Rogers locations after a long career with Marriott Corporation. He and Bernice worked tirelessly to establish a business that would benefit the entire family.  Becky Todd, as President, will continue in Jeff’s footsteps.

Stop by the Roy Rogers in Manchester Lakes; enjoy a good meal to support a business that supports our community. If you are in Belle View or Woodlawn, the food is just as good and the community support in just as strong. Remember our neighbor Jeff and friend Jim Todd, Sr. We all wish Becky the best!

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