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This is to address my objections to some of the changes proposed in the Lee District Park Master Plan. In accordance with my earlier comments and the Rose Hill Civil Association, the need for lighting the Ball field is an over kill not wanted or needed. This is a good example of more government than we need, can afford, or want. Since you are sending tax payers money I would like to know how much the Park authority budget is in 2006 and projected for 2007and 2008? What is the proposed cost to implement the proposed Master Plan? What is the projected cost for lighting the ball field? That cost seems be conveniently left out or considered not important since it is only tax payer money.

The master plan addresses the increase in parking spaces. That is only going to increase the traffic in Rose Hill. This is one of the objections cited in the Rose Hill Civic Association letter. From my point of view, that is going to increase the number of out of state park users. The only time the park may need that number of proposed increased parking spaces is during the 4th of July celebration which is only once a year. In which you should not be trying to accommodate. As a Fairfax County tax payer, I object to paying for out state users without a fee. The lighting of the ball fields is gold plating. The fields are used less than half time at night anyway. I don't think that is justification for the lighting the field. It appears it is a want by the Park Authority rather than a need or wanted by the tax payers or the neighborhoods burdening the park

By the way, I have had several golf balls damage my cars and the park authority refused to compensate me for the cost of the damage. The manager of the Greendale did visit me but nothing ever happen. That was back in July, 2002 after I called Mr. Paul Baldino in the same year. All talk and no action. Therefore, I consider you less than a good neighbor. Typical Fairfax County increase tax and spend. The lighting funds should be added to the general budget and maybe one day we can hope to see a decrease in our taxes; rather than an increase every year.

Chuck Wimberley

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