Remembering Maxine Jones

Maxine and Russell Jones moved to Rose Hill fifty-one years ago this July. Russell passed away in 2001 and Maxine died on March 30, 2010 at the age of 88. They lived at the corner of Willowood Lane and Bee Street. The Jones moved to the area from Elmira, N.Y. because Russell got a job as a carpenter and machinist at Reagan National Airport for the Federal Aviation Agency. He retired in the late 1980s. Maxine was a neighborhood fixture as an avid walker and cyclist. She also watched over neighborhood children after school until their parents came home from work.

The Jones had three children, Raymond (Rick), Patricia and Pamela. Rick graduated from Lee High School. He and his wife Elaine live in Stoneybrooke. They have three children. Patricia went one year to Rose Hill Elementary, then Mark Twain and graduated from Edison High School. She and her husband Bob Davison live in Tennessee.  They also have three children. Pamela (Pam) and her husband Gary Thomas live in Virginia Hills. They have two children. In addition to the eight grandchildren, there are 16 great-grandchildren. 

Russell Jones spent his retirement years hunting, fishing and enjoying his family. He and Maxine were active at Cameron Methodist Church and later Virginia Hills Baptist, located just down the Willowood Hill on Telegraph Road.  The family enjoyed Highland Park Swim Club. The Jones were among the many Rose Hill Originals who made this community special. They loved their family, home and neighbors.  

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