Remembering Ed Holloman

Ed Holloman passed away on April 30. 2009. He and Juanita were the 15th family to move into Rose Hill back on January 1, 1955. Their names are on the plaque to be dedicated June 23. The Hollomans would have celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary in August. Alice Juanita Holloman still enjoys the home on Sturbridge Place. The Hollomans are long-time members of RHCA.   

Ed and Juanita were living in Huntington in 1954 when they decided to take a drive out Franconia Road. They saw a sign for the new houses to be built in Rose Hill and decided to take a look at the model home. Juanita recalls she had $25 in her purse that she intended to pay the milkman with. (Remember when the milkman delivered to the door?) As it turned out, the milkman had to wait because $25 was exactly the cost of a deposit on the new Rose Hill Ramblers! The Hollomans watched their house being built and couldn’t wait to move in.

Ed was in the Army in those days, working at Fort Belvoir. After he left the service, he stayed on at Belvoir. Juanita worked for the Army at Belvoir and later the federal government at Cameron Station for a total of 32 years. Ed and Juanita raised three daughters: Patricia Ann lives in Woodbridge, Helen Carol in Lorton, and Pamela Sue in Falls Church.  Ed was originally from Petersburg, VA, and Juanita was born in the old Alexandria Hospital. 

Carl Sell, President
Rose Hill Civic Association

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