Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending November 22, 2006

Police Officer Jim Nida
Crime Prevention Unit
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

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No meeting in December. However, we will again be serving Christmas Dinner to our District Station officers who have to work on Christmas Eve. We will also be serving breakfast to those officers who have to work on Christmas morning. Watch this space for more details.

Our next regularly-scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2007, in the Helen Wilson Community Room at 7:30 pm in the Franconia Governmental Center. A social period (7pm-7:30pm) precedes the meeting.


The Fairfax County Police Department offers residents 55 years of age and older enrollment in the Mature Operator’s Driver Improvement Program (MODIP). This eight hour course, which provides safe driving information, is sanctioned by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and is presented by certified Fairfax County Auxiliary Police Officers.  Upon completion of this course, drivers are eligible for the Virginia State-mandated insurance premium reduction (check with individual insurance carriers for the amount). The classes are normally held the second Saturday of each month at the Franconia District Station. The next seminar is scheduled at the Franconia District Station, located at 6121 Franconia Road, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.on December 9, 2006 Registration is required and can be done by contacting the MODIP reservations line at (703) 924-6588. The fee for this course is $10.00 per person for books and materials.

Weekly Incident Summary Report
November 16-22, 2006

Holiday Safety Reminders

Everyone is looking for extra money or gifts during the holiday season, from mid-November through early January, and that includes criminals. They are out in force trying to separate you from your money and property. Be extra vigilant during the holiday season and keep the following tips in mind.


1. Shop during daylight hours whenever possible.

2. Know exactly where you park your car.

3. If shopping at night, park in well-lit areas.

4. Avoid shopping alone.

5. Carry keys, cash and credit cards separate from each other and be constantly paying attention to your surroundings.

6. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. If possible, avoid carrying a purse. Use a fanny pack or deep pockets in clothing to carry what you need. Limit the number of credit cards that you carry.

7. If you have to carry a purse, carry it close to your body and always zipped or snapped.

8. Be aware of strangers “accidentally” bumping into you. Pick-pockets use this as a diversion.

9. Avoid carrying large packages that block your vision and make you a target for thieves.

10. Avoid shopping until you are exhausted. You are more alert when you are less tired.

11. When hurried or in a crowded shop, make sure you get all forms of identification and credit cards returned to you before you leave.

12. Leave the mall/store well before closing time. This way, there is a greater assurance you will walk out with other people. There is safety in numbers.

13. Use an escort or mall security if you have too many packages or if you are leaving the store after closing.

14. Be alert while walking to your car. Check under and around your car as you approach it. After checking your car, lock it immediately upon entering it.

15. If you see a van parked next to your car, you can choose to enter your car through the passenger side.

16. Avoid using automatic teller machines at night and remember to keep you others from seeing when you type in your PIN.


1. Do not leave the boxes of your Christmas gifts (such as computers, televisions, etc.) at the curb as this advertises the contents of your home to potential thieves.

2. Ensure doors and windows are locked at all times, even when you are home.

3. Use timers on lights to give the appearance you are home when you are not.

4. If you order gifts to be delivered to your home, ensure someone is there to accept the package. Have a trusted neighbor keep a lookout for the packages.

5. If you go out of town for the holidays, make sure you ask a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to check the house at least once a day and pick up mail and newspapers. Provide your contact number in case of emergency.

6. Keep garage doors closed and be sure the door from the garage into the home is secured.

7. Make sure your home address is not showing on your luggage.


Reservoir Road, 7100 Block:  Police responded to the 7100 block of Reservoir Road after receiving a phone call from a friend of a 74-year-old woman. The woman was found dead inside the home by the friend on Tuesday, November 21 around 11:15 a.m. Police are investigating her death as a homicide. Preliminary observation indicates there was trauma to the upper body. Cause of death will be determined at autopsy. The victim has been identified as Marion Newman of 7102 Reservoir Road. Investigation has determined the following information about the crime:

There were no signs of forced entry into the home;
There were signs of a struggle;
There was trauma to the upper body;

Physical evidence has not connected this homicide with the murder of Marion Marshall on August 14, 2006. However, police are actively investigating the similarities between the two cases. (FranconiaVIPS notes the same spelling of the first names, and the similar ages [72 and 74]).

Citizens are asked to be vigilant and report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to police. They are also encouraged to keep personal safety in mind at all times including keeping doors and windows locked.

Ms. Newman was on our mailing list for the Weekly Incident Summary Report. Knowing her online, we are doubly saddened by this incident.

Police are asking for help from anyone in the community who may have information about this incident. Citizens are asked to call Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131 or Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS/8477. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME OR APPEAR IN COURT!


Richmond Highway, 9400 Block,  On Saturday, November 18 at 5:45 a.m., a man assaulted two store clerks in the 9400 block of Richmond Highway. A 58-year-old Stafford-area woman and a 75-year-old Alexandria-area man were working in a 7-eleven when they were approached by a man who demanded money. The suspect grabbed the female victim’s arm and the two began to struggle. The victim grabbed a stick and attempted to hit the suspect. The suspect grabbed the stick and struck the male victim before fleeing the store. The suspect was not given any money. The victims were not seriously injured. A lookout was broadcast to patrol officers. Victor Tellez Ramos, 22, of no fixed address was arrested and transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with attempted robbery and simple assault.


Beulah Street, 7200 block

  Condoms stolen from business

Burgundy Road, 3000 Block

  Tools and wire stolen from shed

Frontier Drive, 6300 Block

  Scanner, ink and hard drive stolen from vehicle

Linleigh Way, 6400 Block

  Social security card and money stolen from residence

Manchester Boulevard, 7000 Block

  Money stolen from business

Manchester Boulevard, 7000 Block

  Wire stolen from business

Plaza America Drive, 11600 Block

  Purse stolen from business

Ridgegate Drive, 12500 Block

  Laptop stolen from vehicle

South Lakes Drive, 11100 Block

  Alcohol stolen from business

Telegraph Square Drive, 7300 Block

  Money stolen from business

Virginia Hills Avenue, 6500 Block

  Rifle stolen from residence

Wolford Way, 7600 Block

  Airbags stolen from vehicle


Broadmoor Street, 5500 Block

  1993 Honda Civic reported stolen

Riefton Court. 6500 Block

  2005 Toyota Corolla reported stolen

Franconia Road, 5500 Block

  2003 Chevrolet Cavalier reported stolen

Frontier Drive, 6800 Block

  2002 Dodge Ram 1500 reported stolen

Springfield Mall, 6500 Block

  2000 Honda reported stolen

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