Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending November 20, 2002

Police Officer Sherri Cooke
Crime Prevention Unit
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

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703.719.6436   ~ Fairfax County Police Department  ~ Virginia Crime Prevention Association

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The following information is authorized for release by the Fairfax County Police Department - Public Information Office (PIO). For questions concerning any portion of this Report, please contact PIO at 703-246-2253.


No significant incidents reported.


Alamo Street 6300 Wallet reported stolen.
Backlick Road/Commerce Street Telephone reported stolen.
Backlick Road 6200 Beer taken from business.
Beulah Street 7200 Beer taken from business.
Brandon Avenue 6400 DVD player taken from business.
Cottonwood Drive 6600 Two traffic signs reported stolen.
Edsall Road 6400 Beer taken from business.
Giles Run Road 10100 Wheels taken from parked vehicle.
Heming Avenue 5700 Tools taken from parked vehicle.
Hopark Drive 5400 Cash taken from residence.
Industrial Drive 5400 Computer reported stolen.
Katelyn Mary Place 5800 Wheels taken from parked vehicle.
Layne Estates Court 5500 Camera reported stolen.
Lockport Place 7300 License plate taken from parked vehicle.
Loisdale Road 6600 Computer taken from business.
Old Keene Mill Road 7200 Beer taken from business.
Old Keene Mill Road 7200 Cigarettes taken from business.
Rock Ridge Lane 7100 Cash taken from residence.
Rose Hill Drive 6100 Beer taken from business.
Roundhill Road 4400 Emblem taken from parked vehicle.
Saluda Court 9500 Television taken from residence.
South Van Dorn Street 6600 Cash taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6500 Cash taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6500 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Springfield Mall 6500 Purse reported stolen.
Wildwood Street 9100 Snowplow blade taken from parked vehicle.
Wolford Way 7700 Spoiler taken from parked vehicle.
Beryl Road 6300 1987 Honda Sedan reported stolen.
Delia Drive 6500 1996 Honda Accord reported stolen.
Hagel Circle 9700 1995 Honda Civic reported stolen.
Iona Way 5600 2001 GMC Jimmy reported stolen.
Marin Woods Court 7600 1995 Honda Accord reported stolen.


None Reported

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