Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending September 11, 2002

Reminder: Next CAC Meeting will take place at the Franconia District Police Station on Wed Sept 18, 2002. Meeting starts at 7:30PM; Refreshments at 7:00PM. Topic: Ride to Remember Event Overview. Questions: call Sue Hotto (CAC Chair) at 703 354 1988.

Master Police Officer Ed O'Carroll
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

Direct:  703.922.8263
Pager:  703.215.2061
FAX:     703.719.6436
Front Desk:  703.922.0889   ~ Fairfax County Police Department  ~ Virginia Crime Prevention Association

Please Note:   Officers Sheri Cooke and Phil Edwards will be transitioning Into the Crime Prevention Office as Sgt O'Carroll prepares to assume greater challenges. Best Wishes Ed O'Carroll.



Hechinger Drive 6900
A Springfield area man, 23, was in the parking lot of Hechinger Plaza when two men approached, brandished handguns and demanded his car keys. The victim replied the keys were in the car, and the men got in and drove away.


Comet Circle 6600
On September 9 at 10:30 p.m., a Springfield area man, 42, was unloading boxes from his car when two men approached, brandished two handguns and demanded money. The victim relinquished cash and tried to escape. The suspects struggled with the victim, punched him in the head and grabbed his cellular telephone and a nylon briefcase containing more cash before fleeing. The suspects were last seen getting into a car and driving westbound on the Franconia-Springfield Parkway. The victim refused rescue for a bruise to his head.

Rosehill Drive 6100
On September 9 at 11:30 p.m., a Rose Hill area man, 45, was walking when three men who were sitting at the bus stop near the library began asking him for money. The victim replied he had none and one suspect threatened to cut the victim. The man ran across the street to the 7-Eleven store and one man chased him a short distance. The victim summoned police and the suspects fled.


Accomac Street 5900 Flag taken from parked vehicle.
Ashland Woods Lane 9100 Wheels taken from parked vehicle.
Axton Street 7500 Jewelry taken from residence.
Beulah Street 7200 Beer taken from 7-Eleven store.
Brandon Avenue 6400 Cash taken from business.
Brookfield Plaza 7000 Beer taken from business.
Castlefield Way/Manchester Boulevard Patron did not pay cab fare.
Commerce Street 6700 Wallet and watch taken from hotel room.
Darby Towne Court 7000 Inflatable chairs taken from patio.
Dijohn Court 7100 Tools and stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Edsall Road 6400 Seats taken from parked vehicle.
Evanston Road 7100 Briefcase taken from parked vehicle.
Fountain Spring Court 7300 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Franconia Road 5500 Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.
Frontier Drive 6800 Binoculars taken from parked vehicle.
Governors Hill Road 5800 Lumber taken from construction site.
Hampton Creek Way 6800 Medicine taken from residence.
Harbour Court Drive 5200 Bicycle taken from residence.
Heatherway Court 6800 Beer reported stolen.
Latour Court 7100 Stereo and compact discs taken from parked vehicle.
Les Dorsen Lane 6100 Sign taken from parked vehicle.
Loisdale Road 6500 License plates taken from parked vehicle.
Midway Lane 10400 Compound bow reported stolen.
Old Keene Mill Road 7200 Beer taken from business.
Parish Glebe Lane 6500 License plates taken from parked vehicle.
South Van Dorn Street 5900 License plates taken from parked vehicle.
Springfield Mall 6500 Vacuum taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6500 Wallet reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 Cellular telephone and compact disc player reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 Shoes taken from business.
Spring Mall Road 6700 Food taken from business.
Telegraph Road 7100 Wallet reported stolen.
Tilbury Road 5800 Copper ground wire taken from construction site.
Wilton Crest Court 3300 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.



Beulah Street 7500
Birchleigh Way 6500
Bismach Drive 5600
Cabin John Road 6800
Curtier Drive 6000
Effingham Square/Thomas Grant Drive
Farrington Avenue 6000
Franconia Road 6100
Hanover Drive 6000
Harbor Court Drive 5300
Industrial Road 6900
Island Creek Court/Morning View Lane
Jane Way 5800
Lamar Drive 7200
Larochelle Court 5300
Lewis Chapel Circle 7800
Metropolitan Center Drive 6700
Morning Ride Court 6700
Racetec Place 6300
Saluda Court 9500
Sheffield village Lane 7600
Springfield Mall 6500 Two reports
Sullivan Circle 7700
Warren Point Court 6400


Backlick Road 7800 1995 Mazda Millennium reported stolen.
Backlick Road/Cinder Bed Road 2000 Dodge reported stolen.
Belfast Place 5500 1998 Ford truck reported stolen.
China Grove Court 6500 Honda Civic reported stolen.
Dijohn Court Drive 7100 Chevrolet Astro reported stolen.
Greyledge Court 6500 2001 Jeep Cherokee reported stolen.
Safe Harbor Court 5400 1985 Lincoln Towncar reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 1998 Chevrolet reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 1995 Honda Civic reported stolen.


None Reported

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