Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending August 7, 2002

The next CAC Meeting is September 18, 2002 at the Franconia District Station.
Meeting starts at 7:30PM, Refreshments at 7:00PM.

Master Police Officer Ed O'Carroll
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

Direct:  703.922.8263
Pager:  703.215.2061
FAX:     703.719.6436
Front Desk:  703.922.0889   ~ Fairfax County Police Department  ~ Virginia Crime Prevention Association


No major incidents to report


Augusta Drive 6300 Gift certificates taken from business.
Augusta Drive 6300 Cash taken from business.
Backlick Road 6200 Trading cards taken from business.
Backlick Road 7000 Tools reported stolen.
Backlick Road/Industrial Road Construction equipment taken from business.
Beulah Street 7100 Camera reported stolen.
Beulah Street 7200 Two reports Beer taken from business.
Bloomfield Drive 5600 Gun taken from residence.
Burwell Street 6400 Jewelry taken from residence.
Celtic Drive 5100 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Clermont Drive 6800 Lawn ornaments reported stolen.
Commercial Drive 6800 Hubcap taken from parked vehicle.
Dinwiddie Street 6000 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Duvawn Street 4200 Bicycle reported stolen.
Edsall Road 6400 Stereo and cash taken from parked vehicle.
Frontier Drive 6600 Purse reported stolen.
Frontier Drive 6700 Wallet reported stolen.
Frontier Drive 6800 Bicycle reported stolen.
Greenleaf Street 6700 Two bicycles reported stolen.
Hamilton Court 6900 Computer taken from residence.
Lignum Street 6400 Antique slot machine reported stolen.
Marilyn Drive 6000 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Piedmont Drive 5800 Lawn mower reported stolen.
Racetec Place 6300 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Ridge View Drive 6000 Bicycle reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 Wallet and cellular telephone taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6500 Video camera taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6600 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Thomas Grant Court 6600 Bicycle reported stolen.


Barry Road 7200
Belvoir Woods Parkway 9100
Clames Drive 6000
Commerce Street 6700
Dublin Avenue 5400
Farrington Avenue/South Van Dorn Street
Franconia Road 5400
Ives Place 5400
Kathmoor Drive 6000
Plaskett Forest Lane 9700
Rockshire Street 6400


Commerce Street 6700 2002 Chrysler van reported stolen.
General Washington Drive 5700 1984 GMC tow truck reported stolen.
Oakridge Woods Court 7600 1999 Honda Accord reported stolen.
Skyles Way 7000 1991 Honda Accord reported stolen.
Springfield Boulevard 6800 1999 Mercury Sable reported stolen


Haltwhistle Lane Franconia District

A Franconia area man, 18, was standing outside his home when two poodles walked up to him. The man attempted to check the dogs for identification tags and one poodle described as white, bit him on the ankle. The poodles then ran away. The identity of the dogs' owner in unknown.

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