Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending June 12, 2002

Master Police Officer Ed O'Carroll
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

Direct:  703.922.8263
Pager:  703.215.2061
FAX:     703.719.6436
Front Desk:  703.922.0889   ~ Fairfax County Police Department  ~ Virginia Crime Prevention Association

Special Alert


Fairfax County Police are investigating an abduction which occurred in the 6000 block of  Stoddard Court in the Kingstowne area on Tuesday, June 11th, around midnight.  A woman was taking her trash to a dumpster located near by  when she was approached by a man who grabbed her arm.   The victim struggled with the suspect and was able to break free from his grasp.   She started to run home with the suspect chasing her.  The victim began to yell for her husband who came to her aid.  The suspect ran away from the woman upon seeing her husband.  The suspect is described as white with an olive complexion, six feet one inches tall and approximately 25 years of age.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Fairfax County Police Department at 703-691-2131.  

Major Incidents


Backlick Road 6600 On June 8 at about 2:00 a.m., a Kingstowne area man, 18, was walking when two men in a dark blue Ford Ranger truck drove up to him and one man asked for a cigarette. The two men then assaulted the victim and took cash from his pockets. The suspects got back into the truck and fled eastbound on Franconia Road.


Springfield Plaza 6300 Two men involved themselves in what appeared to be a domestic fight between a couple and one of the men was stabbed. The victim was medevaced to INOVA Fairfax Hospital for treatment.
Amherst Avenue 5900 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Backlick Road 6400 Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.
Bulfinch Court 7500 Stereo and compact discs taken from parked vehicle.
Edgebrook Drive 6900 Stereo taken from parked vehicle
Edsall Road 6400 Tarps taken from business.
Franconia Road 5500 Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.
Franconia Road 6500 Cellular telephone reported stolen.
Frontier Drive 6000 License plate registration decals taken from parked vehicle.
Frontier Drive 6800 Stereo taken from parked vehicle. Grange Lane 6500 Turn signals taken from parked vehicle.
Hill Park Court/Hill Park Drive License plates taken from parked vehicle.
Lockport Place 7200 Postage stamps taken from business.
Rock Ridge Lane 7100 Emblem and parts taken from parked vehicle.
Rose Hill Drive 6100 Beer taken from business.
Rose Hill Drive 6200 Door and airbag taken from parked vehicle.
Saint Genevieve Place 5200 License plate taken from parked vehicle.
Springfield Mall 6500 Wallet taken from parked vehicle.
Springfield Mall 6500 Cellular telephone reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 Cash taken from business.
Springfield Mall 6500 Jewelry taken from business.
Telegraph Road 7900 License plate registration decals and Fairfax County decal taken from parked vehicle.
Cottonwood Drive 6300
Floyd Avenue 7400
Gunston Plaza 7700
Highland Street 7300
Maryview Street 6400
Old Keene Mill Road 7100
Scottswood Court 5300
Shepherd Hills Court 7800
Skyles Way 7000
Wigmore Lane 6100
Bethnal Court 6900
Bush Hill Drive 5800
Bush Hill Drive 5900
Clowser Court 6800
Commerce Street 7200
Crestleigh Way 7300
Habersham Way 5600
Industrial Drive/Industrial Road
Jandell Road 8800
Kingstowne Center 5800
Knickerbocker Drive 5100
Latour Court 7100
Marilyn Drive 6000
Old Carriage Drive 6500
Spring Faire Court 7200
Stoddard Court 6000
Thornhill Court 6400
Topper Court 8000
Wescott Hills Way 5900
Wescott Hills Way 6000

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