Franconia Regional Crime Report
Period ending April 14, 2004

Police Officer Philip Edwards
Crime Prevention Unit
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

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Mark your calendars! The next CAC meeting will be held next Wednesday evening, April 21, 2004, in the Community Meeting room at the Franconia Governmental Center. Social period begins at 7pm, meeting begins at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there.


The Fairfax County Police Department offers residents 55 years of age and older enrollment in the Mature Operator’s Driver Improvement Program (MODIP). This eight hour course, which provides safe driving information, is sanctioned by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and is presented by certified Fairfax County Auxiliary Police Officers. Upon completion of this course, drivers are eligible for the Virginia State mandated insurance premium reduction (check with individual insurance carriers for the amount).  The classes are held the second Saturday of each month at the Franconia District Station. A subsequent seminar is also scheduled for May 8th. Registration is required and can be done by contacting the MODIP reservations line at (703) 924-6588. The fee for this course is $10.00 per person for books and materials.

Weekly Incident Summary Report
April 08-14, 2004


Bradlick Shopping Center, 6910-C Unit: A 60-year old woman was standing next to her parked car, in front of Total Crafts, when a man approached her from behind and screamed. He then grabbed her purse and ran away. The man was described as white, in his twenties, about five feet eleven inches tall and weighed about 175 pounds. He wore light-colored pants and shirt and a black and yellow baseball cap.


Amelia Street, 5800 Block Airbag taken from vehicle.
Backlick Road, 5700 Block Wallet reported stolen.
Backlick Road, 6800 Block Computer reported stolen.
Conell Court, 7900 Block Computer reported stolen.
Dogue Indian Circle, 7800 Block Wallet reported stolen.
Edsall Road, 6200 Block Projector taken from business.
Edsall Road, 6400 Block Cigarettes taken from business.
Franconia Road, 6100 Block (Three reports) Gasoline taken from service station without payment.
Franconia Road/Interstate 95 Generator taken from construction site.
Frontier Drive, 6500 Block Computer equipment taken from business.
Frontier Drive, 6600 Block Air conditioning units taken from business.
General Washington Drive, 5500 Block Computer reported stolen.
Hagel Circle, 9800 Block Jewelry taken from parked vehicle.
Hagel Circle, 9900 Block Airbag and cellular telephone taken from parked vehicle.
Kingstowne Boulevard, 5800 Block Purse reported stolen.
Kingstowne Center, 5800 Block Gasoline taken from service station without payment.
La Vista Drive, 5800 Block License plate taken from parked vehicle.
Little River Turnpike, 6600 Block Chairs taken from office.
Lorton Road, 8000 Block Gasoline taken from service station without payment.
Rock Ridge Lane, 7100 Block Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Spring Summit Road, 7300 Block Grill taken from yard.
Springfield Mall, 6500 Block Tools taken from parked vehicle.
Springfield Mall, 6500 Block Cash taken from business.
Springfield Mall, 6500 Block Cash and credit card taken from business.
Springfield Plaza, 6400 Block Purse taken from business.
Stoddard Court. 6000 Block Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Westridge Court, 5900 Block License plate taken from parked vehicle.


Celtic Drive, 5000 Block 1996 Nissan sedan reported stolen.
Deer Gap Court, 6600 Block 1998 Honda Civic reported stolen.
Elmwood Drive, 3400 Block 1997 Mazda truck reported stolen.
Hanover Avenue, 6000 Block 1994 Acura sedan reported stolen.
Springfield Mall, 6500 Block 1997 Honda Accord reported stolen.

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