Franconia Regional Crime Report

Master Police Officer Ed O'Carroll
Fairfax County Police ~ Franconia Station
6121 Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-2508

Direct:  703.922.8263
Pager:  703.215.2061
FAX:     703.719.6436
Front Desk:  703.922.0889   ~ Fairfax County Police Department  ~ Virginia Crime Prevention Association

Major Incidents for Period ending June 5, 2002


Backlick Road 5500 A man entered the Chevron service station, brandished a handgun and demanded money.  The clerk, a 50-year-old man, relinquished an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect fled.
Beulah Street 6400 On June 3rd, at about 5:00 p.m., two Franconia area boys, aged 14 and 15, were in the one boy's back yard, shooting at cans with a pellet gun.  Two other boys rode up on bicycles, grabbed the pellet gun and tried to take it.  A struggle ensued and one of the boys on a bicycle pulled a knife and demanded the pellet gun.  One victim let go of the pellet gun and the suspects rode away.  The victims told an adult at the home, who located the suspects nearby and retrieved the pellet gun.  Police responded and took the suspects, two Franconia area boys, aged 11 and 14 into custody.  The boys were charged with two counts of robbery each and held at the juvenile detention center.
Backlick Road 6600 Cellular telephone taken from business
Belinger Court 7200 Checks taken from residence.
Beulah Street 7200 Beer taken from business.
Blacksburg Road 5300 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Brunswick Street 5900 Two reports  Stereos taken from parked vehicles.
Celtic Drive 5100 License plate taken from parked vehicle.
Cherokee Avenue 5500 Cash reported stolen.
Cinder Bed Road 8500 Two computers taken from business.
Eleanor Court 5600 Stereo taken from parked vehicle.
Elmwood Drive 3600 Purse reported stolen.
Franconia Road 6400 Tools taken from parked vehicle.
Frontier Drive 6700 DVD's taken from business.
Hagel Circle 9700 Two-way radio taken from parked vehicle.
Heming Avenue 5600 Purse reported stolen.
Jerome Street 6800 Credit card taken from residence.
Kingstowne Boulevard 5800 Purse reported stolen.
Loisdale Court 6500 Cash taken from business.
Pohick Bay Drive 6500 Cash taken from boat.
Pohick Bay Drive 6500 Stereo taken from boat.
Silver Ridge Circle 6400 License plates taken from parked vehicle.
Sky Blue Drive 8000 Purse reported stolen.
Springfield Mall 6500 Camera taken from purse.
Springfield Mall 6700 Nutritional supplements taken from business.
Wescott Hills Way 5900 Tail light taken from parked vehicle.
Wescott Hills Way 5900 Cash reported stolen.
Darleon Place 6100
Donival Square 6100
Fleet Drive/Franconia Road
Heming Avenue 5500
Highland Street 7400
Leesville Boulevard 7200
Shepherd Hills Drive 9500
Thomas Grant Drive 7500
Tipton Lane 4600
Ashland Woods Lane 9200
Ballycastle Circle 5100 Four reports
Bowie Drive 6600
Edsall Road 6400
Fleet Drive/Franconia Road
Governors Pond Circle 5600 Six reports
Grange Lane 6500
Grange Lane 6500 Three reports
Grovehurst Place 3100 Two reports
Skyles Way 7000
Springfield Mall 6500
Springfield Plaza 6300
Villa Park Road 7000
On May 27th, a Lorton area man, 18, was walking when a Chow being walked by a woman bit the man on the left hand.

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