September 2005

A break-in and theft in the 6300 block of Willowood Lane, a car theft in the 6300 block of Cottonwood Drive and suspicious activity at the corner of Saddle Tree and Willowood Lane, all within several days, prompts RHCA to remind all residents to secure their property and be on the alert for potential criminal activity. In addition, the police report a rash of break-ins to outside sheds and carports in the Franconia-Springfield area.

The break-in on Willowood occurred when thieves entered a carport side door, crawled into the attic, traversed the house and came down inside through another crawl space entry in the hallway. They left thought the side door. This happened between 8 a.m. and noon. Police are investigating.  Around the corner on Cottonwood, a 1999 Lexus was stolen from a residence. Police do not think the events related.

Several days later, an alert homeowner noticed a suspicious pickup on Willowood. The vehicle took off when the homeowner went to get the license number. The homeowner followed, got the number and called police. The pickup belonged to a company in Virginia's Tidewater area. The homeowner then discovered an open shed door on the property. This incident also happened in broad daylight.

All residents are reminded to keep their shed and carport utility rooms locked, as well as all outside entrances to the house.  Take a minute to make sure all your window locks are working properly. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your house if you are going to be gone for several days.

If you see ANY suspicious activity or notice strangers in the neighborhood, call the police. IF you think a crime is being committed, call 911. Otherwise, call the police non-emergency number of 703-691-2131.

Neighborhood Watch is out during the evenings, but needs your help during the day. Rose Hill is a relatively crime free neighborhood, but we need to stay alert since criminal activity will multiply if thieves think no one is watching. Be safe; call the police if you see anything that is not normal activity in your neighborhood. If you have some time, sign up for Neighborhood Watch. Your neighbors will thank you!

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