Rose Hill Civic Association
PO BOX 10891
Franconia, VA

April 17, 2006

RE: Lee District Park Master Plan

Edward Batten, Sr.
Lee District Member
Fairfax County Park Authority
12055 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035

Dear Mr. Batten:

After consideration of the information provided by you and the park staff and the Department of Recreation and Community Services at our March 28, 2006 meeting, I wish to report that there remains considerable concern among Rose Hill residents about the revised master plan for Lee District Park.  In short, the consensus is that the plan changes the character of our large neighbor and will have an adverse impact on our community.

Some of our residents are concerned about the potential of glare from the lights on six fields. Others are concerned about the traffic that will come with increased use. Still others worry about the noise. And some object to the expenditure for such a complex at a time when Fairfax County residents are experiencing considerable real estate tax increases. I have heard from only one resident who supports the plan.

We hope the information concerning technological advances in ball field lighting turns out to be accurate and our fears about glare are mitigated. However, we simply do not agree with the traffic projections provided by the staff and the Department of Recreation and Community Services. We believe an accurate gague of traffic would be calculations from a major District Park such as Wakefield that has only one entrance.

At present, we are able to live with noise generated by large outdoor functions but fear the noise produced increased use of the fields will disturb the outdoor uses of our residents who live near the park.

As I mentioned earlier, we have enjoyed a positive relationship with Lee District Park for more than 30 years. We are opposed to a major change in use that will affect our ability to live side-by-side in tranquility. We remind you that you can’t get to Lee District Park without traveling through at least some part of Rose Hill. And, our main street, Rose Hill Drive, leads directly to the park entrance.

It is our hope that you will adopt a plan that will seriously take our concerns into account. Frankly, we have only seen the proposals get worse instead of better.  Planning is a wonderful thing. However, those who plan need to know the territory. The unique relationship between the surrounding residential communities and Lee District Park needs to be taken into consideration.        

Finally, we in Rose Hill realize any changes are not funded and will not be developed for years. We question the wisdom of raising false hopes among those who wish to see the improvements now rather than later. Our thoughts in this matter are with the staff at Lee District Park, who will have to answer the question on a daily basis.

 On a positive note, we are in support of an enhanced family recreation area, future expansion of the recreation center (for the use of participants and not audiences at regularly scheduled events) and the trail systems. We greatly favor a safe, efficient connection between Lee District Park and Huntley Meadows Park.


Carl L. Sell, Jr.
President, Rose Hill Civic Association


cc: Supervisor Kauffman
Planning Commissioner Lusk
Park Authority Members 


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