June 21, 2006

Lee District Park Master Plan Approval

At their regular meeting on May 24, 2006 the Park Authority Board approved the Master Plan Revision for Lee District Park.  The Lee District Master Plan Document may be viewed on the Park Authority's Web Site at the following address: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/leedistrictparkplan.htm

The Lee District Park Master Plan offers a balance between active and passive recreation opportunities to attract a wide-range of users.  The Master Plan features expanded and new opportunities for recreation at Lee District Park including reconfiguration and lighting of athletic fields; creation of an accessible family recreation area with new play features, a picnic pavilion, and restrooms; future RECenter expansion; additional parking and improved trail connections.

Thank you to all who have participated in the extensive public process for re-planning this park that included a public information meeting in June 2003, a public planning workshop in March 2004, a public hearing in November 2005, a public meeting in March 2006, and on-going dialog through mail, e-mail and phone conversations with Park Authority staff and the Park Authority Board.    The public comment record remained open for written comments through April 17, 2006.  Written comments included support for changes to the athletic fields, support for future RECenter expansion and enhancements to the Family Recreation Area, as well as concerns about field lights and other possible impacts of increased use of the park.

The reconfiguration of the athletic field area to eliminate overlay conditions allows for a greater variety of sports and better service to this area of the County by increasing the overall field capacity. Adding lighting to all six fields will extend the potential play and practice time and allow for staggering of start times for practices and games in the evening that is not possible when activities must conclude by dusk.  The staggering of start times will help to spread and reduce the impact of vehicle trips on the roads surrounding the park.

Recently, Fairfax County Park Authority adopted new field lighting specifications that use current advances in field lighting technology and products that reduce light spill and glare.  The new specifications are even more stringent where private property lines are within 200 feet of a ball field.  Any future lighting of Lee District Park fields will conform to the new lighting standards and take advantage of improved lighting technology.   

The revised Master Plan includes 255 additional parking spaces.  This includes 80 spaces to address currently unmet demand for parking during peak use times and 170 new spaces to compensate for the increased intensity of use associated with the reconfigured athletic field area and other proposed improvements to the park and RECenter.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on the Lee District Park Master Plan Revision.  The Park Authority's goal is to provide a park and facilities that serve as a resource for all ages of users from the immediate neighborhood and the larger community.  The Master Plan Revision will allow the park to be improved to better meet the needs of the community.

Changes and improvements to Lee District Park will occur as funding becomes available through park bond initiatives, proffered money from other developments, or other funding sources.   Thanks again for your interest in, and support of, Fairfax County parks.

Andrea (Andi) Dorlester
Senior Park Planner Fairfax County Park Authority
(703) 324-8692

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