Rose Hill Civic Association
PO BOX 10891
Franconia, VA

January 18, 2006

Olawale A. Ayodeji
Chief Geotechnical Engineer
Environmental and Facilities Review Division
Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Office of Site Development Services
12055 Government Center Parkway
Suite 530
Fairfax, VA. 22035-5503


RE: Rose Hill Reserve 


Dear Wale:

Emad Saadeh of Geotechnical Engineer Testing and Consulting has provided us a copy of the grading plan for Rose Hill Reserve. We also understand it and a soils report have been filed with the County.

As part of your review, we ask that you pay particular attention to the proposed development of lots 17 and 18. Those lots appear to be dangerously close to the slope that separates Rose Hill Reserve from its Rose Hill neighbors on Winston Place. Cutting into the slope could be a disaster for the uphill neighbors.

We also ask that special attention be given to the water runoff problems behind the existing houses on Rose Hill Drive near the project entrance at Wayside Place. We are skeptical of the applicants claim that water runoff problems are generated at Rose Hill Drive and Wayside Place. We believe there to be springs in the area that help produce the water.

Additionally, we seek clarification concerning the buffer or tree save line. It has been reported to us that development is prohibited within 15 feet of a tree save or limit if grading and clearing line. If so, that would eliminate one of our concerns regarding the buffer, particularly in the area behind 6431 Carriage Drive.

Finally, we would appreciate you attending an RHCA meeting to report your findings BEFORE any county action on the plan. As always, we appreciate your wisdom. 


Carl L. Sell, Jr.
President, Rose Hill Civic Association


cc: Jeff McKay, Chief Aide to Supervisor Kauffman


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