Rose Hill Civic Association
P.O. Box 10891
Franconia, VA 22310

November 14, 2003

Diane Cox Basheer
2071 Chain Bridge Road, #501
Vienna, VA 22182

Ken Thompson
12531 Clipper Drive
Suite 201
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Dear Diane and Ken:

This letter is designed to set forth the concerns voiced by members of the Rose Hill community regarding your potential development of the Rose Hill Park Section III site. This is not meant to be a complete list and covers only those issues discussed with you up until this date.

As you know, the members in attendance at our September meeting voted unanimously, with one abstention, to work with you in an effort to achieve a development plan that protects and causes minimal disruption for the existing neighbors.

First and foremost, residents bordering the site are concerned about potential damage to their property and structures due to the shifting or ‘creep’ of marine clay caused by your development. They want assurances that adequate measure will be taken during grading and construction to protect their property. Additionally, they desire some sort of insurance protection to cover any potential loss due to problems caused by the development of Rose Hill Park Section III.

If you plan to use shafts or piers drilled into the ground to help stabilize the soil, we would like to see a plat with the locations. Also, we would appreciate receiving a copy of the soils report for the property. And, we would appreciate an estimate of the amount of dirt to be removed from the site.

You have outlined a process by which neighboring properties will be inspected in order to establish a baseline of pre-development conditions that can be used to determine the cause of any future damage. Further, you have indicated a willingness to provide an insurance policy that will source of funds for any repairs to neighboring properties and/or structures, should those repairs become necessary and are caused by your development.

Second, we are concerned about storm water management on the site, both during and after construction. As you are aware, the site currently causes drainage problems for houses on Carriage Drive. We want to see that situation corrected before construction of the new houses begins. We would appreciate receiving a copy of your storm water management plan at your earliest convenience.

Third, although we are generally pleased with the reduced density and resulting buffer, we view that buffer to be inadequate in several places. We would appreciate your effort to provide a tree buffer of at least 50 feet all the way around the site. And, in areas where existing vegetation is thin, we would appreciate additional screening.

The 50-foot buffer can be achieved in a number of fashions. The lot size may be altered in some areas in order to save more trees. Where it is not possible to alter the lot sizes, a conservation easement can be imposed on the back of the new lots to in effect achieve the 50-foot buffer.

We prefer the buffer area belong to the new Homeowners Association and be covered by a conservation easement to prevent future tree removal.

Fourth, we prefer the storm water management pond, wet or dry, be contained within the new development with future maintenance the obligation of the Homeowners Association. That obligation should be in the form of a maintenance schedule approved by the County. Although it is a novel idea, we do not support another pond on the golf course for the reason that maintenance and removal of silt by the Park Authority appears to be spotty because of inadequate finances.

Fifth, we would like to see any ‘entrance feature’ plans you may have for the intersection of Wayside Place and Rose Hill Drive. Included should be any demands for ingress and egress turn lanes as required by VDOT.

We make no demands for off-site improvements and/or contributions. All of the resources should be directed toward protecting the property of your potential neighbors and thereby enhancing our community. Since this property is zoned R-3 and platted for 59 lots, the County should already have incorporated it into long-range planning for schools, fire and police protection, parks, etc.

In closing, we are pleased and encouraged with your efforts to keep our community informed of your development plans. You have listened to our concerns and have made efforts to address them to our satisfaction. There is considerable work to be done, however, and many more issues to be addressed in the future. I am sure you will agree that with continued open communication and working together to identify and resolve issues we will be able to develop a plan that addresses the concerns of our community and, hopefully, satisfies the requirements of the County. Please keep me informed as plans mature and I will assist you in communicating those plans to the review team and the Rose Hill community.


Carl L. Sell, Jr.


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