Supervisor Kauffman's office has advised RHCA that the letter below has been forwarded to the County transportation staff for evaluation and suggested action to help stop speeding in Rose Hill.

Rose Hill Civic Association
P.O. Box 10891
Franconia, Va. 22310


November 10, 2003

Supervisor Dana Kauffman
Lee District
County of Fairfax
6121 Franconia Road
Franconia, VA 22310

Dear Supervisor Kauffman:

At its October, 2004 meeting, the Rose Hill Civic Association (RHCA) discussed the growing community problem of speeding and cut-through traffic. While the issues are not new, they have become more acute in recent months.

Over the last several years, RHCA has tried to ‘educate’ drivers in our community that we are concerned about speeding and failure to obey stop signs on numerous streets. We purchased signage to be placed on streets where speeding is a problem. All three signs were removed, we assume by those who wish to get away with robbery as well as moving traffic violations!

Several months ago, a child was hit on Bee Street. Fortunately, the child was only slightly injured, but it reinforced the knowledge that a problem exits in our neighborhood. As a result of the child being hit, we put the last of our three signs in the front yard of a resident on Bee Street. It, too, was stolen, within 48 hours.

We then advertised in the Rose Hill Rambler and via our e-mail network that the October RHCA meeting would be a community discussion of how the membership wished the officers to proceed in an effort to at least curtail speeding and cut-through traffic in the community. (We realize that all who cut through our community are not speeders, it only seems that way). The Library Community room was full!

Before I outline our request, let me make crystal clear that we greatly appreciate the effort by the police to apprehend speeders on Rose Hill Drive. However, we realize that they can’t be there all the time.

Let me underscore that our request is just that and we welcome review and refinement by Fairfax County and the Virginia Department of Transportation. A study of our suggestions would be a logical first step.

Speeding is a major problem on Rose Hill Drive. It also is a problem on longer internal streets such as Apple Tree Drive, Leewood Drive and Willowood Lane and even on smaller streets such as Saddle Tree Drive. A speeder on an ATV was killed just last month on Saddle Tree Drive. Fortunately, he did not take anyone else with him. It is a problem on streets that are used by motorists trying to avoid traffic lights at both ends of Rose Hill Drive (at Telegraph Road and Franconia Road). Streets affected are Cottonwood Drive, Willowood Lane, Bee Street and Leewood Drive.

Suggested solutions:

On Rose Hill Drive, we suggest four-way stop signs be installed at Apple Tree and Cottonwood, the major cross streets. On Willowood, we suggest a four-way stop sign at Willowood and Bee Street, a four-way stop sign at Willowood and Apple Tree and a three-way stop sign at Willowood and Saddle Tree. The latter is necessary because of a blind curve on Willowood between Bee and Saddle Tree.

The short section of Bee between Rose Hill and Willowood can only be handled by the installation of a speed hump or ‘table’. The same is true for Cottonwood between Rose Hill and Split Rock. We suggest two speed humps on Cottonwood, one between Rose Hill and Mayor Place and a second on the hill between Winston Place and Split Rock.

Either a stop sign at Eaton Place or a well-positioned speed hump-table or both are necessary on Leewood Drive to discourage cut-through traffic. We realize that the public safety people will not be happy with these speed control measures, but we are trying to lessen their calls for service by installing these traffic-calming devices.

Finally, we suggest the study of ‘No Parking’ on Rose Hill Drive, both on the pavement and within the grass strip between the pavement and the sidewalk. Given the volume, parking on Rose Hill Drive is dangerous and impedes our Connector buses. Any resulting parking on the grass strip would be unsightly and create confusion for both motorists and pedestrians. At present, RHCA asks residents on Rose Hill Drive not to use the grass strip for parking.

Please be assured that we understand remedies for all our traffic problems won’t be solved overnight. We do wish to get the process started so that the situation is in the process of being addressed.

We look forward to the opening of South Van Dorn Street from Kingstowne to Telegraph Road in the hope that it will lessen the volume on Rose Hill Drive. We hope to continue to see the radar on Rose Hill Drive at Wayside Place and Eastchester Drive. We stand ready to work with your office, the County staff and VDOT to help solve the problem of speeders and cut-through traffic in our community.


Carl L. Sell, Jr.
President, Rose Hill Civic Association


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