Rose Hill Civic Association
P.O. Box 10891
Franconia, Va. 22310


May 28, 2003

RE: 82-3 ((1)), 47, 48, 48A, 49 & 50

Supervisor Dana Kauffman
Lee District
County of Fairfax
6121 Franconia Road
Franconia, VA

Dear Dana:

Through the vigilance of one of our members, it has come to my attention that development plans have either been filed or are eminent for yet another piece of property in Rose Hill. The property is located on Tax Map 82-3 ((1)), parcels 47, 48, 48A, 49 and 50. It was identified as Land Unit 7 in last year’s Telegraph Road study.

I would appreciate being kept informed as to the filing of any potential development plan and/or rezoning for this property. I am providing a copy of this letter to Mr. Gursharan S. Sidhu in the Department of Public Works and Environmental Management in order to notify him and his department of our interest in this property and to request copies of any plans that are filed for development.

As is the case in all proposed development in the Rose Hill area, we are deeply concerned about the effects of development on marine clay. I have attached a map prepared by the Department of Planning and Zoning that shows marine clay deposits on all but a small portion of this property. At the very least, the provisions of Section 2-308(2) of the Zoning Ordinance should result in a lesser density on this property due to the large area of marine clay.

Should either a rezoning or site plan be filed for this property, RHCA will provide further comments once the members have a chance to review the plans. We look forward to working with your office in the same cooperative spirit as always on development issues in Rose Hill.


Carl L. Sell, Jr.
President, RHCA

cc:   Gursharan S. Sidhu, DPW&EM
   The Kolos, 6228 Driftwood Drive
   Doug Boulter, President, Virginia Hills CA



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