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January 7, 2003

Mr. Carl L. Sell, Jr., President
Rose Hill Civic Association
Post Office Box 10891
Alexandria, VA 22310

Re: Highland Estates (1260-SD-01-1)

Dear Mr. Sell:

We are in receipt of a copy of your letter to Mr. Sidhu concerning the proposed subdivision plan for Highland Estates. We have forwarded a copy of your letter to R.C. Fields, Jr. & Associates, as well as LAW Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., for their separate professional comments.

We, as the developer, would like to address your concerns about our extending the existing temporary cul-de-sac (Maryview Street) and creating a new subdivision of ten custom homes. As you know, Morris Construction Company has been building custom homes in this area for almost 50 years. Historically, we have always taken the time to properly evaluate property and employ experienced companies such as R.C. Fields, Jr. & Associates and LAW Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. to assist us in determining the feasibility of a project. Our approach with Highland Estates was no different.

We have concluded that Highland Estates will be a welcome addition to the Rose Hill area. Any problems that may now exist with marine day will be remedied by the manner in which we develop the property. In fact, LAW Engineering has advised us that adjacent properties will become even more secure once we complete development of the Highland Estates site. Chris Giese, a senior engineer with LAW Engineering who has worked with us on numerous projects, will address this issue more specifically in his reply.

Let us assure you that we have built projects in problem soil areas before and have never had a problem with homes we have built or surrounding homes. The problems you mention in your letter related to structural damage in Rose Hill due to problem soils are genuine but are a result of engineering practices in the past that failed to address the soil problems adequately. We admit that developing this site will be expensive but we are willing to decrease our profit in order to provide a secure base for Highland Estates and its surrounding neighbors.

We invite you and other members of the Rose Hill Civic Association to visit projects we have developed in the Franconia area to see how we have improved the values of the existing neighborhoods. If you ride down Westchester Street and Barbmor Court, you will see the smooth transition into the new subdivision. On a smaller scale, if you ride down Upland Drive, you will see where we have recently built six (6) new homes. We have received telephone calls from neighbors thanking us for improving their neighborhood.

We hope the Rose Hill Civic Association will support our efforts to improve the Rose Hill community. We appreciate your concerns and are always available to address any questions that you may have about Highland Estates project now and as the project progresses.


Stephen L. Morris
Managing Member

CC: Gursharan Sidhu, Fairfax County
Chris Giese, LAW Engineering
Dana Kauffman, Lee District Supervisor
R.C. Fields, Jr. & Associates

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