The Board of Supervisors approved the following in response to the request to Supervisor Kauffman by the RHCA.

Board Matter

Supervisor Dana Kauffman

February 10, 2003

Madame Chairman, Rose Hill Section Three is an undeveloped, but already subdivided and rezoned part of the original Rose Hill subdivision - the rest of which was largely completed 40 years ago. This particular section has tremendous amounts of marine clay and steep slopes that have turned away numerous attempts to make development economically viable.

Over the years, I have also received many documented complaints from existing homeowners in Rose Hill about marine clay damage. This includes foundation cracks, soil movement and fears over what new development might prompt.

Our current zoning ordinance contains density penalties for new construction in areas where marine clay is prevalent. Apparently, these penalties do not apply to subdivisions that were subdivided before the current zoning ordinance took effect in 1978, regardless of past complaints and known failures on the site.

Recently, there has been surveying activity and interest from several builders to move forward with home construction in Section Three of Rose Hill.

Madame Chairman, based on recent interest in developing Rose Hill Section Three and the complaints that have come from the community over the years about marine clay problems, I ask for Board support to have appropriate members of County Staff review the existing density penalty provision in the ordinance. As a part of their review, I would also request an evaluation of the possibility of applying the density penalty to new construction in marine clay areas that are already subdivided, but not yet built.


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