Serving Strasburg and Points West


Even an Iron Horse needs a good Wheel Horse to get the job done.

"Bigfoot" sighted.......again.

RIP....whoever you are.

Hey! Who's makin' all that racket?

For those with sensitive is a good time to turn your volume down.

Senator Byrd's "Bridge to No Where?"

Modeled after Georgetown's "Loop Railroad."

Engineer making the final adjustments under close supervision.

Must be something really good in that bottle.

A wrong decision here could be disastrous.

Now......what kinda locomotive is this?

Sure hope this bridge holds.

Whew! Whoooo-whoo!

This is soooo coool!!

New spurs have been added,

Where they will eventually go is anyone's guess.

Don't ya just love the sound of a Shay?