I believe Park County is one of the few truly incredible places for young families, professionals, empty nesters and retirees to reside.  Our citizens enjoy good schools, a low crime rate, a great cost of living, and very positive, friendly residents.   Our County has a lot to offer to everyone who lives and works here.

The district I live in has a concentration of residents who travel daily to Denver area for work, and this district is growing.  We face special challenges in planning for a future that recognizes a diversity of needs for government services and infrastructure.   

We are next to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. This means the entire county faces special problems in planning for the future in order to retain the quality of life we all enjoy.  Most of us have very similar reasons for living here and are concerned for what the future holds. 

We cannot stop growth, but neither can we ignore its impact.  We are responsible for that future and how our County is to develop and grow.  It means that we have a great need for long range planning and for working toward a consensus on a vision for our future.  It looks like quite a challenge to me and I have always enjoyed a challenge.

A vote for Hodges is a vote for Park County