Mosby Vignettes

Mosby Vignettes Volumes I-V
By Thomas Evans and James Moyer

Mosby Vignettes Volumes VI & VII
By Don Hakenson & Gregg Dudding

Jim Moyer and Tom Evans wrote five books during the 1990’s titled, “Mosby Vignettes, Volumes I through V. The Vignettes were published with the intent to document short stories on Mosby’s men and other interesting stories and articles about the War of Northern Aggression.

However, Jim Moyer suddenly passed away in November 1999. Tom Evans wishing to keep intact the legacy of the Mosby Vignette series asked Gregg Dudding and Don Hakenson to publish a Mosby Vignette, Volume VI. This volume was finally published in February 2002. The book contains a story written by Colonel John S. Mosby on “Why I fought for Virginia,” that was published in 1911, and a story written by Virgil Carrington “Pat” Jones about the fight at Arundel’s Tavern on April 10, 1865. The book also contains stories on the Mosby fights at Fairfax Station and Mrs. Howard’s house (or Gooding’s Tavern).

There are vignettes on Jackson’s Raincoat and its connection with a Mosby Ranger; Frank Stringfellow, the scout and his fight at Widow Violet’s house; and the military career and death of Napoleon the spy. The authors both hope that the information contained in the Vignettes will be of interest to all researchers of the good colonel.

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