Reminiscences of Frank H. Rahm of Mosby’s Command & An Analysis of Ranger John H. Lunceford:  Traitor or Coward? Or Unjustly Accused!

By Don Hakenson

Read about Lieutenant Frank H. Rahm's first-hand account of his service with the Forty-third Battalion Virginia Cavalry; his relationship with Colonel John S. Mosby; and the execution of Ranger Albert Gallatin Willis in the Chester Gap. Also read and learn about Lieutenant Rahm's capture; his escape; and his return to Mosby's Confederacy. His original reminiscence was published in 1895.

Also, find out if Ranger John H. Lunceford was a traitor or a coward by revealing and leading Union troops to where Mosby was hiding his artillery in the Cobbler Mountains.

Hard cover

78 pages

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