Herndon: A History in Images

By Charles V. Mauro

Local historian Chuck Mauro has followed his successful first book on Herndon: A Town and Its History, with another look at Herndon, Virginia’s rich past, this time in fascinating and historical images.  Herndon: A History In Images illustrates the diverse aspects of Herndon’s history including the town’s earliest settlers, remnants from the civil war, tributes to the town’s namesake, the railroad and dairy farming that sparked the development of the town, the town’s black population, the town’s business district and surrounding area as it developed and changed over time, and the architectural character of the current town’s historical buildings.

Mauro’s use of photographs provide the reader with a vivid and detailed visual account of the town as it has been shaped by events and people even before the development of this postal village in the mid-nineteenth century through to the atmosphere and architecture of the town today.  These photographs provide a window to Herndon’s past where the subjects no longer exist and can only be seen today through the use of historical images, images that current memories cannot faithfully recreate. 

Herndon: A History In Images is an essential volume on this vital small Virginia town.  Mauro brings this history to life with predominately never before published images, illustrating the rich history of the home of its past, present and future residents.

160 pages 138 illustrations

$25.00 including shipping