This Forgotten Land, Volume II, Biographical Sketches of Confederate Veterans Buried in Alexandria, Virginia

By Don Hakenson

This publication is my attempt to identify, record and document the military histories of Alexandrians who served in the Confederate Army and Confederate Navy, including Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, Virginia Local Defense Troops, Reserves, Marine Corps, Signal Corps, Secret Service, staff members, and specific citizens who were buried in the City of Alexandria that fought for the South. There is no doubt that Alexandria supplied Virginia with some of the brightest and bravest of men in the Confederate service. My task was not an easy one. This was an undertaking that was monumental in scope, but very satisfying in reality. I have attempted to identify all men killed in the war that were buried in the City of Alexandria, and the names of all men who survived the war and would later be laid to rest in the confines of the City.

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289 pages

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