Franconia Museum, Inc.
Grand Opening
March 25, 2006

Franconia Museum Board members Johna Gagnon, Debbi Wilson, Sue Patterson, Jac Walker,  School Board member Brad Center, Supervisor Dana Kauffman and Franconia Museum President Phyllis Walker Ford cutting the ceremonial Opening Day ribbon 

Gladys Keating, former Member of the Virginia House of Delegates and long-time Franconia resident, with Jac Walker.

Carl Sell soliciting signatures on the Grand Opening poster

Paul Gagnon and Johna Gagnon sign the poster commemorating the Grand Opening. 

Bob Warick
Team catcher for the undefeated 1947 Franconia School Baseball Team

Carl Sell and the "Unbeaten Team"

Gladys Keating

Franconia Fire Station display

Steve Sherman

Paul Gagnon and Johna Gagnon

Sue Patterson and Johna Gagnon