Both Sides Tour II
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

November 14, 2009

Sponsored by the Franconia Museum 

The world famous Cozy Restaurant and Inn at Thurmont, Maryland.

The room at the Cozy is ready for the Both Sides Tour!

Some of the Tour members enjoy the breakfast buffet.

The view from Cemetery Ridge to Seminary Ridge. Imagine 15,000 troops marching toward you!

The General George Gordon Meade statue dominates Cemetery Ridge.

Sonny Wight and Barbara MacDonald check out the route of Pickett's Charge toward Cemetery Ridge.

Greg Dudding talks with Maston Gray at the High Water Mark with Harry Acheson, Don Hakenson, Don Walker and Deb Dudding (left to right).

Greg talks of the friendship between competing generals Hancock and Armistead at the High Water Mark.  Gwen Wyttenbach (left), Janet Greentree (red purse) and Harry Acheson are among the listeners.

Don Hakenson shows a painting of General Armistead leading the charge toward the High Water Mark with the Virginia Memorial and Robert E. Lee on Traveler in the background.

Carl Sell point to the location of his great grandfather's unit in Spangler's Woods as Pickett's Charge got underway.

Obviously thinking he is a scalawag (southern Union sympathizer), a Virginian takes aim at Jim Cox.
Jim's wife, Chris, who took the picture, is a Yankee from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.