Engleside Bunch
"Live On Stage"


A Play

Presented by

Mrs. Cooper's Fifth Grade Students

March l, 1954

8:00 P.M.

Scenes I, II In front of Rip's House
Scene III A Forest in the Catskill Mountains
Scene IV Same as Scene III, "Twenty Years Later."
Scene V In front of the Inn
  Sound Effects Jack Whitford
Original Tap Dance Mary Elizabeth Brown
Original Ballet Dance Jefferson Ann Miller

Presented for

Woodlawn Parent-Teacher Association

Woodlawn Elementary School
Alexandria, Virginia

March 1, 1954

(in order of their appearance)

Story Teller

Marjorie Bowman

Judith, the Van Winkles' Daughter

Mary E. Bowman

Young Rip, "A Chip off the Old Block"

Danny Wideman

Five Village Children

Charles Thurston, Lonnie Keppell, Jane Simms, Ruth Ann Roop, Helen Batton

Rip Van Winkle, An Easy going Fellow

Barry Waddell

Wolf, Rip's Dog

Earl Bethel

Dame Dutcher

Sandra Springborn

Dame Vedder

Joan Kistner

Dane Van Winkle, Rip's Hard-working Wife

Patty Kelley

Hendrick Hudson

Donny Dodd

His Little Men

Jimmy O'Rouke, Douglas McCombic, Stanley Watts, William Zaionczkowski

Wood Nymph

Jefferson Miller

Old Rip, After His Long Sleep

Ronnie Vance

Jonathan Doolittle, Inn-keeper

Milo Ransopher

Young Rip, Now a Man

Barry Waddell

Little Rip, Old Rip's Grandson

Danny Wideman

Other Villagers:

Dame Van Roy

Laurel Leary

Her Daughter

Mary Ellen

Original program provided by Patty Kelley