Engleside Homes

Things has changed a bit since we we children.  Surprisingly, the ol' hood still looks pretty good. I rarely go east without taking at least one trip down Leaf Road to see what has changed.  The following photos were taken within the past few years, some as recent as last month. 

(Google Satellite Imagery)

Jimmy Sapp lived here.
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Sapp's Tree.  My Dad planted this tree when we first moved in, c. 1940's.  It was about 4 inches in diameter in the 1950's

The Sapp house is so overgrown now that you can barely see it from the street.

Barbara Terrill and Butch Major lived here.  Needless to say, the original house is long gone.

This is the Crum's home.

The Crum's home

Ruthie, Jimmy, Johnny, and Larry Dove lived here.

Warren Smith lived here.

Claude Oleyar lived here.

Kay Taylor lived hear.

The Moore's house was here.  It is long gone.

The Moore's house and pasture was here

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