Engleside House
Sold for $210,000 on February 25, 2003
Details of Sale)

These photos were taken as the new owner was in the middle of "reconstruction."  The previous owner bought in the 60's and lived there ever since.  She recently passed away.  She may have lived there longer than us but that still doesn't make it "her" house.

March 15, 2003

I did not think this house was so small when I was "little" but it sure is now.  I think it must have shrunk.

Sorry the pics are not better but you have to take what you can get.
I'll go back after the "reconstruction" is complete and get more.

The Willow Oak is live and well.
It towers over the 725 sq. ft (two floors) house.

The cinder block wall fell down many years ago and the Crab Apple tree died about five years ago.

The excavation around the house is an attempt to save the foundation.  The crawl space is constantly wet.

The new dormer is a new upstairs bathroom.  Hmm...wonder why it is not centered.

The house is really about to fall down.  The new owner says the cinder blocks below grade are crumbling.

The new owner thinks the "wall" caused the water in the crawl space and plans to regrade the lot.

Upstairs bedroom with walk-in closet over the kitchen.  All the rooms are way too small to take photos.

Living room.  Apparently the new owner is going to put new sheet rock on all the ceilings.

Doorway from the living room to the bedrooms and bath. 

Small back bedroom behind the dining room.

Dining room with kitchen on the left and staircase on the right.   Original thermostat is still there.

Mom and Dad's bedroom with bath on the right and living room on the left.

View from the living room toward the staircase and dining room.  

Daddy's kitchen window.  Yes, all the windows are original and the new owner plans to leave them in place.

"Up the down staircase."  New bathroom is at the top of the stairs.

What a tree!  Darlene will be hard pressed to break the top out of it now.

Garage.  The roof had collapsed and the new owner had to replace it before he could get insurance.

Back right corner of the garage.  Anyone recognize that oval table?

Believe it or not, this is Dad's work bench from the garage.  It had a 1/4" steel plate top.  Weighs a ton! 

Back of garage showing the "new roof".  There is no shrubbery left except the Oak and Holly tree.
Darlene01Mod_small.jpg (15071 bytes) Darlene02Mod_small.jpg (17886 bytes)
These two drawings were found in the house.  My sister Darlene drew them.
(I know who drew them because they are signed on the back. :-)

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