Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

L to R:  Donna Crum and Madeline Oleyar

L to R: Mr. Crum, Peggy Wolfrey (sp), Linda Crum, and Donna Crum

L to R: Donna Crum, Claude Oleyar, Madeline Oleyar, Patty Crum, Linda Crum, Mr. Crum,
and Peggy Wolfrey (sp).

Ms. Mattie B. Cooper, Principal, Woodlawn Elementary School

Woodlawn Elementary School

Jimmy Dove

Ruthie and Jimmy Dove

Ruthie Dove

Roddy Uveges (sp)

Jimmy Dove, Mount Vernon High School Senior

Jimmy Dove, Mount Vernon High School Junior

Ruthie and Jimmy Dove

Jimmy Dove's classmates


Jimmy Dove

Jimmy Dove

Jimmy, Larry, and Johnny Dove at 216 Leaf Road

Jimmy, Larry, and Johnny Dove at Harry Dove's home on E. Cliff Street in Alexandria

"Candy" ?

"Babe" ?

Margaret and Jimmy Dove
Parents of Ruthie, Jimmy, Johnny, and Larry

More Dove family photos

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