Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

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Patty Kelley's Girl Scout Calendar
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Field trip to DC
Donny Dodd, ?, and Earl (?)
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Field trip to Mount Vernon (?)
?, Laurel Leary, Unidentified Guard, ?,
Mary Talbert, and ?
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"One of the best"
Mattie B. Cooper
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1st Row: Carolyn Godfrey, Jimmy Sapp, ?, Ginny Kelley, Ruthie Dove.   2nd Row: ?, Patty Kelley, ?, ?, Jimmy McKee (Kelley's cousin). 3rd Row:  Bill Yost (Kelley's family friend)
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Patty and Ginny Kelley's living room with "wide-screen TV."  Ginny Kelley is in the middle with Millie (?) and unknown "boy friend."
Kelly16Mod.jpg (204397 bytes)
Another party at Kelley's house with Sue Schaal, Kay Taylor, Patty Kelley, Ginny Kelley, Jim McKee (Kelly's cousin) and Barbara Terrill.
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Kay Taylor and Ruth Ann Roop.

(Warren Smith's house is in the background.)

Kelly18Mod.jpg (98929 bytes)
Mrs. Davis Woodlawn Elementary playground.
Phil Showalter and Kenny Petit are in the background.
Kelly19Mod.jpg (74203 bytes)
Marjorie Bowman and Mrs. Cooper at Arlington National Cemetery.

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