Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

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Kelley's yard.  Listed front to back.
Jimmy Dove, Kay Taylor, Kelley's cousin Jim McKee, ?, ?, Ginny Kelley behind Kay, Sue Schaal, Barbara Terrill, Beverly Faylor (?), ?, Patty Kelley
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George Washington's Birthday Parade in Alexandria.  Ginny Kelley, Patty Kelley, and Marjorie Bowman
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August 1949
Patty Kelley and Ginny Kelley.  Claude and Madeline Oleayar's house in background.
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"Walkers" coming home from Woodlawn.
Janie Shelhorn and Patty Kelley.
Sue Schaal's house in the background.
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"Stay in line walkers!"
Who could forget walking home single file.  Certainly not Patty Kelley and Jimmy Sapp.
Sue Schaal house in the background.
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Jeff Ann Miller
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Susie Brown
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Marjorie Bowman
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Laurel Leary
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Patty Kelly

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