Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

August 1950
Ginny Kelley and Patty Kelly in sandbox.
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The great BBQ grill in Kelley's backyard.  The barrel on the right was used to burn trash. 
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Ginny Kelley, Patty Kelley, Ronnie Vance, and Bobby Vance. 
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Puff relaxing in Kelley's yard.
Oleayar's house in the background
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Ginny Kelley, Patty Kelley, and "friends."
Tree in the background is where Jimmy Sapp learned to climb trees.
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June 1949
Jimmy Sapp, Patty Kelley, and Ginny Kelley in the sandbox.
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The original "Pool Party" with Janie Shelhorn, Kay Taylor, Ginny Kelley, and Jimmy Dove (?).
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July 1950
Birthday party at the Kelley's, L to R, B to T.
Kay Taylor, ?, ?, Ginny Kelley, Ruthie Dove, Roddy Uvages(sp), Jack Whitford, Barbara Terrell, ?, Jane Simms, Patty Kelley, Sue Schall, ?, Jimmy Sapp, Judy Davis, Bobby Vance, & Ronnie Vance.  Whew!  Watta Crew!
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July 1951
Barbara Terrell, Ginny Kelley, and Ruthie Dove.
Dillow's house in the background.
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Party at the Kelly's
The only one we know for sure is Patty Kelly standing in the background.

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