Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

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Ginny Kelley
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1955 - Patty Kelley, Marjorie Bowman,
and Laurel Leary
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Jimmy Sapp and Patty Kelley
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JoAnne Coffey
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Patty Kelley, Mrs. Kelley, Ginny Kelley,
and 1939 Dodge with "deluxe" running board!
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Patty Kelley and Ginny Kelley
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Unknown friend, Ginny Kelley, and Patty Kelley
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Ginny Kelley Birthday Party
Patty Kelley and Mom standing on left.
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May 1951
Sue Schaal and Patty Kelley
Warren Smith's house is in the background.
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August 1953
Ginny Kelley and her "Super Trik"
Claude & Madeline Oleayar's house in the background

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