Engleside Bunch

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

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Naomi Pettit and Jimmy Sapp
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July 1947 - Darlene Sapp, Jimmy Sapp, ?, Shirley Marshall, Ruthie Dove, and Barbara Terrell
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July 1947 - Shirley Marshall, Jimmy Sapp, Ruthie Dove, Barbara Terrell, and Darlene Sapp
May1947.jpg (103467 bytes)
1947 - ?, Barbara Terrell,?,?,?, and
Jimmy Sapp
May1948.jpg (193821 bytes)
1948 - Ruthie Dove, Jimmy Sapp, and
Barbara Terrell

Kelly01Mod.jpg (80247 bytes)
Brownie Fly-up
Front Row: ?, Ruthie Dove, Althea Ames, Jane Simms, Susie Brown
Back Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Patty Kelley, ?, Laurel Leary.  Ceremony at Woodlawn Elementary

Kelly02Mod.jpg (138043 bytes)
July 1955 - Ginny Kelley Birthday
Looks like Jerry Shellhorn was the only "guy" that was invited.  Mrs. Kelley on the far left.
Kelly03Mod.jpg (107526 bytes)
Sixth grade play "Rip Van Winkle"
Earl ?, Patty Kelley, Ronnie Vance, Barry Waddell
Kelly04Mod.jpg (94176 bytes)
Patty Kelley Birthday Party
Apparently, had no friends. :-)
Kelly05Mod.jpg (145508 bytes)
Patty Kelley, Hippity-Hop, and Ginny Kelley

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