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History of Woodlawn Elementary School
Mattie B. Cooper
Principal 1968

1956-1957 Woodlawn Elementary School Yearbook - Jimmy Dove
Provided by his brother, Larry

Memories are wonderful things......when you can remember them.

Can you remember the cast members of the school play:

Rip Van Winkle
Memories Are Made of This

Perhaps this little photo gallery will help you remember the friends and places that helped to make you what you are today.
And, in case you forgot, childhood friends are friends forever.

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1948 - Jimmy Sapp and Popeye
Kay Taylor's house is under construction.
1951.jpg (157739 bytes)
1951 - Jimmy Sapp, Dad's Model A, and
Naomi Pettit
1953.jpg (123124 bytes)
Barbara Terrell and Jimmy Sapp
Dec1952.jpg (223046 bytes)
1952 - Jimmy Sapp and new bike.
Claude Oleayar's house in the background.
Jimmy01.jpg (140130 bytes)
Popeye, Jimmy Sapp and Hannah Mitchell
Jimmy02.jpg (141226 bytes)
Joe Keefe, Naomi Pettit,and Jimmy Sapp
Jimmy03.jpg (82331 bytes)
Lester Lam and Jimmy Sapp
Jimmy05.jpg (171293 bytes)
Jimmy Sapp and Blue.
Jimmy07.jpg (152025 bytes)
Jimmy Sapp, ?, ? David Fewell, ?, ?, ?, and ?.
Jimmy08.jpg (170640 bytes)
Jimmy Sapp
Patty & Ginny Kelley's house in the background.

Do YOU have a photo of the "Engleside Bunch" to share?

If so, send it to me (jimsapp7@msn.com) and I'll take care of the rest. 
However, to put some bounds on this gallery, please limit your photo selection to pre-high school.

Do you know who the "?" are?  If so, please drop me a note with their name.

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