As a resident of Park County since 1989, I have been actively involved in many aspects of Park County politics.

With my assistance and leadership, the Town of Alma has grown into a thriving community with a solid economic foundation.  Today, Alma can take great pride in a thriving economy that I helped to establish during my eight year tenure as a member of the Alma Town Council and Mayor. I have also served for four years on the Park County Planning Commission and served as Vice Chairman of the Commission. During my tenure on the Planning Commission, I have helped to develop the Park County Land Use Regulations that preserve the quality of life we have come to enjoy by balancing the development needs of the County with the property rights of the residents. For the past two years I have served as Park County Commissioner, District 3.  During this period I have learned a great deal about the management of the County.  First and foremost is my deep appreciation for the residents I serve.  We are indeed a diverse County with many different views of the County and where the focus should be.  While I can not guarantee that I will satisfy all the residents all time, I can guarantee that I will always have the best interest of the County at the forefront of any decisions that come before me.  These experiences along with my love for the County have enabled me to build trust and confidence with the residents I serve.

If elected, my main priority will continue to be economic development in the County. We have over 1,700 miles of roads in the county, many of which are unpaved and in remote locations.  While we have made substantial progress in road maintenance, there are still many roads in desperate need of repair.  A continued focus on economic development will help to bring in revenue to the County to support our infrastructure needs.  In addition, I believe that a continued improvement in Park County's infrastructure, (cell phone, high speed internet, and services to our citizens) will bring continued economic growth to our County.  A solid foundation in infrastructure and economic growth go hand in hand.  You can not have one without the other.  This is a fundamental philosophy of management that I fully understand and strongly endorse.

During my tenure as Park County Commissioner, I have been a strong advocate for openness in the affairs of the County. If elected, I will continue to ensure that the County's lines of communication and practices are open to for inspection and review by the citizens of our County.  Openness in government, at all levels, is essential to "good government."  Through my leadership, I will continue to foster an environment that promotes confidence and accountability within my administration.