Just Call Cooper
Aspen Park business wants to help your business be more successful
by Pamela Lawson Staff Writer High Timber Times

Bill Holms and Curtis Eaton
review client files at CooperOC Office Connections. The company provides small business services, answers calls and more. Cooper, a golden lab (right), for which the company was named, is pictured above Barbara, an employee.

Walk in the door of CooperOC Office Connections in Aspen Park and you might think you have walked into a skyscraper in downtown Denver. Not because of the surroundings, but because of the people. Behind the glass corner desks, computers and telephones, are well-dressed professionals with tasteful ties and shirts pressed to perfection.

In a nutshell, the company offers small business customer relationship management. If that term is too technical – put more simply, they are an answering service and advocate for your business. And, don't let the pressed shirts fool you. The prices are reasonable and the staff is not stuffy; in fact their smiles, that stretch from ear to ear, almost sparkle.

Owner Bill Hollis outlines the typical dilemmas for small businesses and why his company adds value.

"How many customer calls do you miss everyday?" he asks, hypothetically. "How often do you interrupt a client to answer the phone? How much time at the end of the day is spent returning phone calls?"

His company offers a dedicated team that takes the time to understand each of their client's businesses so they may serve them well. By sharing calendar information they can book appointments for them. And they can drum up sales depending on the products and services.

He started the company for a simple reason, he said. When he looked in the yellow pages when he needed an electrician or his gutters cleaned, it was difficult to determine whom he should hire; some had answering machines, others did not have skilled office staff.

"If I could find an intelligent person who could book an appointment – that company just made a sale," he said. "I don't have time to go checking out a lot of different sources."

Hollis, who has a degree in management science, moved from Atlanta to Conifer with his wife – an occupational therapist with Jefferson County Schools – four years ago. The couple has one young daughter and another child on the way. Prior, he worked for a telecommunications manufacturer that also produced software products.

His company name belongs to his dog. He didn't want to sound like just another office support service so he added the name of his affable golden lab, Cooper.

CooperOC Office Connections owner Bill Hollis poses near a picture of Cooper, his golden lab, for which his company was named.

The office staff at CooperOC handles incoming calls, e-mails and other needs, and uses contact management systems and tools that can be synchronized with a client's computer.

The technology tools are infinitely scalable, Hollis said, allowing for growth and expansion. He hopes to open an office in the Denver metro area before long, but the business is not dependent on location. The incoming calls can be routed to Conifer from a number of communities.

Hollis's goal, along with the assistance of his employees, is to help his clients increase revenue and customer base. In other words, he likes to work with clients who want to expand.

"A person, who has two to three phone calls a day won't be happy with us," he said. "We want to book appointments, take them to the next level, grow their business."

One example of the impression his company has made on a client's customers involves the owner of home inspection business, who, once services had been delivered, found that the homeowner was reluctant to give out their credit card number. The customer felt better calling "his office" and delivering it, so Hollis's staff took the critical information down.

Clients they serve include electricians, home inspection companies, window cleaning companies, insurance agents and caterers (it's no problem for them to fax over a caterer's menu to incoming callers) and they are eager to serve many other types of businesses. They are in negotiations with a software company, an Internet company and chiropractor, Curtis Eaton, a representative of CooperOC, said.

A small business can use them on a month-to-month basis for a nominal fee of about $65 and up, and they can cancel at anytime.

Unlike some 24-hour answering services that simply take a call or deliver a message, Hollis considers his firm a "strategic partner."

"We definitely consider ourselves a sales staff – courteous professional, knowledgeable – we want to hook that customer," he said. "If we can't grow your customers, there is no reason to have us."

CooperOC is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and voice messages for clients after hours can be personally tailored to their needs. For more information, call 303-838-4567 or visit www.cooperoc.com.

Pamela Lawson, Staff Writer High Timber Times